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Detective Case and Clown Bot do not like 64bits!

By | Food for thought, Game Maker Studio, Mobile

In September “Murder in The Hotel Lisbon” will be taken out of Google Play and the App Store.

Yeap, these past three years of Detective Case and Clown Bot in your pocket were good but, like everything else, someday it must come to an end. The final date is schedule to the day Apple decides to update their OS exclusively for 64bits apps, we know that 32bits app will no longer be supported around September with the launch of the iPhone 8.

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Cartaz no Saldanha

By | Fashion, Food for thought

Yap, de facto perdemos a cabeça e estourámos um grande pedaço do orçamento, mas é tão épico! Agora é ver se a malta em Lisboa fica curiosa em relação ao Crime no Hotel Lisboa na Steam ao ponto de ir lá comprar do dia 17 de Julho. 🙂