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Detective Case & Clown Bot in: The Nintendo Switch

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After our release of The Express Killer this summer, the Portuguese fan community for the Nintendo Switch were very vocal about their interest of seeing the Case and Bot series released on their favorite platform, to the point of doing an online petition that joined a couple of hundred signatures to prove their interest in bringing these games to the Nintendo Platform.

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Reddit AMA

Ask Me Anything – The Express Killer

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July 26th at 17:00 UTC

Who would have thought… Filipe Duarte Pina and Diogo Vasconcelos are doing a Reddit AMA about Detective Case and Clown Bot latest game, The Express Killer, as well as overall Nerd Monkeys’ related stuff.

This feels a little bit weird because we’re so used to answering questions nobody asked us that usually escalates to security “inviting us” to leave the premises. This might actually be an interesting first! Are you as excited as we are? Can you ask us important and relevant questions or will we be bored to death?

The link to access it will be ama.nerdmonkeys.pt but it only becomes accessible 30 minutes before it starts. However, you can and should visit it so you can add it to your calendar. 😉

We are counting on the community to receive lots of interesting questions… and please… pleaaaaase don’t ask us where all the teeth are.