Jingle Jam 2018 – $3.3 million!

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The Yogscast Humble Bundle ran from the 1st to the 31st of December and raised $3.3 million for charity!
We couldn’t have been happier to have Murder in the Hotel Lisbon be part of this bundle and help so many good causes.
It truly filled our hearts with joy to be able to help so many people in need.

Every year The Yogscast runs the Jingle Jam. It is a bundle of videogames where 100% of the proceedings go to charity.
It started back in 2011 and every year it seems to get bigger and bigger –

This year, these were the causes where the money was distributed to:
Cancer Research UK
Call of Duty Endowment
International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association
Mental Health Foundation
Special Effect
Save the Children
Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Appeal
Whale and Dolphin Conservation

You can follow them live on Twitch –
Or just watch them on Youtube –
You can even talk to them on Twitter –

Happy New Year everyone!


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The sequel to the acclaimed Murder in the Hotel Lisbon adventure game is now a reality!

Someone has been killing passengers on the express train from Lisbon to Porto, every single day since Tuesday! Someone needs to stop the killer! Detective Case and Clown Bot to the rescue! Time to gather clues, solve puzzles, succeed trials, and find the culprit before the final station!

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Monkey Day / Dia do Macaco

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This was another Monkey Day, a day someone in the team is responsible to show everyone at Nerd Monkeys a list of currently playing games, personal influences or simply interesting/relevant games to play.

These were the presented games:
– Rez Infinite
– Life is Strange
– Mario Maker
– Monkey Island
– Big Bang Mini
– Mini Metro
– Gamedev Story
– Pokémon Heart Gold
– Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic
– Genital Jousting

And these were some extras played that day:
– Spelunky
– Thumper
– Fibbage 2

The next Monkey Day will be in May, until then the whole team has a lot of work ahead. 😉

PS: We know these photo compositions by Filipe are terrible, but we publish them anyway to avoid hurting his feelings. ;P

The Express Killer demo at Comic Con

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I’ll finally be able to play a demo for the next adventure of Detective Case and Clown Bot in: The Express Killer!



We’ll be at Comic-Con Portugal, cool isn’t it?
So now you know. Just visit the Video game Producers area and search for Nerd Monkeys’ table to be among the first people to have a little taste of what the next adventure of the worst detective in the world and his sidekick will be.

Nerd Monkeys is officially 3 years old!

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Oh my… how time flies.

Making games is one hell of a job, but it sure takes its time. While we seem to be not very active on social networks and our own website, in fact we’re always working non stop But this is going to change, starting today we have our official blog, this right here and right now!

So lets do a quick review of what we have done so far by no specific order:

Since 2013 we changed our workplace three times, two twins were born, the team grew from 3 up to 8, and soon to be more!

We launched two author games, one of them got over 115.000 sales, and one app that got first place on the Social category in both AppStore and GooglePlay. For clients we developed two games and consulted for external teams for the development of eight games, some of them very innovative in using hardware like NFC and Bluetooth.

Currently we are developing three new author games, three games for clients and 2 consulting projects!

So yeah… we have been busy, but we’re hoping to be even more busy by the next year as we keep on growing the team like mad monkeys, until then the Nerd Monkeys team thanks you, yes you!

Thank you for all the support and bananas!

Nerd Monkeys acquires the Under Siege game IP

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Under Siege is a RTT game that had a development cost of 1.4M Euros and was released by Seed Studios in June 2nd of 2011 for the PSN on the Playstation 3. Seed Studios was a Portuguese game development studio that unfortunately closed its doors in 2012. This was because Under Siege launch coincided with the infamous PSN hack, a financial blow the company was unable to recover from.

Today, on the day Nerd Monkeys celebrates its third anniversary, we officially announce the acquisition of Under Siege intellectual property from Seed Studios to Nerd Monkeys Ltd. There were many reasons that lead us to this investment, those will be revealed in due time.

Until then, if you want to try the game you can play the trial available or buy the game on PS3 PSN and if you enjoy it you can also buy the art book available at FNAC.