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Nerd Monkeys® was not founded by monkeys like the title suggests, but the truth isn’t very far from that. Filipe Duarte Pina (artist of all things videogame) and Diogo Vasconcelos (major retro geek) joined forces to create the greatest company in the history of forever.
Filipe Duarte Pina – Director, Author, Artist, you know, the typical egocentric guy. He was one of the co-founders of Seed Studios and now he is the co-founder of Nerd Monkeys, maybe in the near future he will lead the machine revolution, who knows? Nowadays he creates videogames and writes for comic books. He is the author of the Detective Case and Clown Bot duo and he thinks he is a know-it-all… maybe he is…
Diogo Vasconcelos – Producer, Accounting, Manager, you know, always complaining. Diogo is the co-founder and the first investor. If only he knew… He was the owner of Press Play, a retro-gaming video store in Porto. He also owned two other stores dedicated to gaming themes. Unlike what everyone thinks, he doesn’t own the biggest porn collection in Portugal.

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