Detective Case and Clown Bot do not like 64bits!

In September “Murder in The Hotel Lisbon” will be taken out of Google Play and the App Store.

Yeap, these past three years of Detective Case and Clown Bot in your pocket were good but, like everything else, someday it must come to an end. The final date is schedule to the day Apple decides to update their OS exclusively for 64bits apps, we know that 32bits app will no longer be supported around September with the launch of the iPhone 8.

“But… but, why don’t you just update the game?”
Sorry but it simply doesn’t make sense for us to do so. The vastly great majority of piracy is estimated by us to have happened with the mobile release of the game, in particular on Android, and that was certainly one factor for poor sales on those platforms. Continuing support for this project on mobile simply isn’t worth it, we rather put our efforts into the PC version, and if you want to play our game on mobile and are considering pirating somewhere, even those shady versions with ads we didn’t do, then just do it because we don’t really care.

So, regarding the PC version, this one will continue to be supported with the addition of a new episode called “The Express Killer”.

Until then, and to finish things in a cool way, starting June 1st you can buy the game for smartphones and tablets for just 0.99€