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February 2017

Monkey Day / Dia do Macaco

By | Food for thought, Gaming

This was another Monkey Day, a day someone in the team is responsible to show everyone at Nerd Monkeys a list of currently playing games, personal influences or simply interesting/relevant games to play.

These were the presented games:
– Rez Infinite
– Life is Strange
– Mario Maker
– Monkey Island
– Big Bang Mini
– Mini Metro
– Gamedev Story
– Pok├ęmon Heart Gold
– Roller Coaster Tycoon Classic
– Genital Jousting

And these were some extras played that day:
– Spelunky
– Thumper
– Fibbage 2

The next Monkey Day will be in May, until then the whole team has a lot of work ahead. ­čśë

PS: We know these photo compositions by Filipe are terrible, but we publish them anyway to avoid hurting his feelings. ;P