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May 2016

FAQ you! This Q&A is bananas! 🙉

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The Frequently Asked Questions concept doesn’t require much of an explanation as it is pretty much self explanatory. It usually is associated with something extremely boring like a web page full of questions and answers so, for the longest time, we wanted to do something with it, something different. The idea was shelved indefinitely for the past three years and it will probably stay that way forever due to lack of time so I’ll just tell you here since it was the inspiration for the next talk we recently got invited to present.

It’s certainly true the great majority of questions we get, either on interviews, events and on our inbox are in a way or another usually the same and… you know… frequent so, around October of 2013 during an interview, we had this crazy stupid idea of creating the FAQ you cards. They would be similar to a business card on one side and the other it would say something like “Congratulations! You won a FAQ you card.” followed by the question and answer and with a footnote with a “Did you also know?”. Plus it could include a completely absurd fact about monkeys, bananas, or whatever.

Fortunately our work over the years has been constant, so we never actually got around to to make the FAQ you cards, so why not take this idea and turn it into a fun Q&A? That is what will happen this 25th of May and will later be posted online for everyone to enjoy.

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